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Night City

Night City was born of a desire to live free. Named after its creator, Richard Night, the project was started with the help of corporate investment in the late 19th century. Years later, it was able to declare independence from the US government, achieving the escape from regulations its corporate backers had desired.

It’s a highly violent city, called the “worst city in the world” by some, and yet sought out by others for its unique opportunities. It’s endured a nuclear blast, gang warfare, its own portion of Corporate Wars, and more. Physical walls protect the city, but a massive firewall also protects it from AI internet attacks.

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In the beating heart of Night City, skyscrapers block out the sun and the only tan you’ll get is neon. During the day, this is the district of business — corporates dress in functional black, scheming for the likes of Arasaka or Militech. If the US government couldn’t keep them on a leash, you can bet Night City can’t either, and the plazas here are governed by the corporations themselves, making them the safest part of town.

At night, you’ll find every kind of futuristic decadence, with unseen pleasures both technological and chemical. Visit a nightclub or two, pick up some body mods and tattoos, see what Night City’s richest get up to — and hopefully find jobs that mean loads of cash for you.

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Heywood ExterioR

Every city needs its trendy area, and Heywood is where you’ll go for a wholesome good time. With plenty of coast and seafood to boast, Heywood is a great place to walk, enjoy the markets and taco stands, and soak in a bit of Night City culture.

The Valentinos gang has made this area their base, controlling the area’s drug trade. And the area is hazardous in a more literal sense — while Reconciliation Park was built to celebrate the city’s rebuilding efforts after the last Corporate War, there’s a rumour it might be built on radioactive waste from the war’s nuclear fallout.

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In the earliest of Cyberpunk demos, we saw Pacifica as a warzone. It was constructed to be a luxury district, but went unfinished, and now it’s not unusual to see helicopters peppering skyscrapers with minigun fire.

Pacifica is home to a large Haitian population - Silverhand calls it Haiti 2.0 - as well as the Voodoo Boys, the most advanced netrunner (hacker) group in Night City. They’ll play an important role in putting the immortality chip in your head, but like everyone they’re only out to help themselves, and how much you trust them beyond that is your choice.

Pacifica’s copious poverty is a far cry from what property developers envisioned for the suburb, but the Voodoo Boys’ Macgyver-esque tech methods may yet improve the quality of life of their people.

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A contradiction of a district, Santo Domingo is the home of both widespread gentrification and rampant deterioration. In the industrial areas, factories that were previously booming are now closed down and home to criminals seeking an off-the-grid home. Not too far away, suburbs with green lawns and white picket fences are the pride of Night City’s middle class. These houses are paid for - and protected by - the corporations employing the residents, and the abundance of residential and commercial amenities means citizens don’t have to trek into the City Centre. But Santo Domingo has paradoxically both progressed and regressed, and it’s only a matter of time before these elements of social dysfunction clash.

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Nobody wants to go outside the reaches of Night City, but the city couldn’t survive without it. The roads are set upon by “nomads,” Cyberpunk’s equivalent of biker gangs, making these scenic routes just as dangerous as any backstreet in the city.

But this is also the home to Biotechnica Farms, the source of much of Night City’s protein. Drive a little further, and there are vast stretches of solar panels as far as the eye can see.

Unsuccessful attempts were made at self-sustaining small towns out here in the desert, but the realities of economic demand and violent nomads meant that ultimately, anyone living in the Outskirts is doing so because they have no other choice.

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There's a lot of history in the district of Watson, and while it's old and storied, it also manages to have the most promise. This is where you go if you want to work hard, bargain harder, and make something of yourself. With apartments right next to factories, and plenty of markets, you can wheel and deal in any kind of low-tech or high-tech goods.

There's a Japanese section, a Chinese food market section, the docks, and more, boasting every kind of citizen with every kind of fashion sense and appetite. Watson used to be the "centre" of Night City after a nuclear explosion forced people out of other areas. Now it can be thought of a growing district where you can make your first fortune.

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Being just across the bridge from the City Centre, Westbrook is prime real estate for those looking for an easy commute to their corporate jobs. It’s block after block of well-to-do residential buildings, and being an inner suburb, these apartments are still quite vertical.

The money flowing in and out of Westbrook keeps it safer than it would be otherwise, though a gang known as the Tyger Claws operates in Japantown, Westbrook’s nightlife precinct. Japantown is probably the most popular clubbing area in the city, where you can find real-world fun like music and dancing, or virtual experiences like premium braindance facilities.